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After growing up in New Haven, Connecticut, Landis “Expandis” McCord moved to Baltimore to attend Maryland Institute of Art, majoring in painting. The rock and soul band that he had founded while in school, All Mighty Senators started to tour the United States during his junior year, having played around the school for one year.

Landis has been mixing visual art with music all of his life, but focused on music as a career after postponing his art degree. After fronting All Mighty Senators for over 25 years, Landis still plays for them but has also formed the trio F City, and is a prolific area DJ. A majority of the promotional materials feature his distinct graphic design, which has become an integral part of his musical persona.

Since his return to the world of painting, Landis sees painting and playing music as the same thing but using different tools. “Music is made of color, texture, and composition; you deliver it on stage in a manner so that it looks like you know what you are doing. It’s like speaking a language.”

Many of his earlier works are surreal and figurative, however the past several years have seen him turn to more abstract compositions - a move inspired by Matisse. Landis’s paintings have been shown in several group shows, most notably in Towson for radio station WTMD’s “Rhythm & Muse,” curated by Peggy Hoffman. His work has also been seen at the MAX Gallery, the walls of local boutiques and cafes, and on occasion even his home during salon style home art shows co-hosted with his partner Freda Mohr.

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